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Information about Step by step-dansskola in english

At Step By Step-dansskola we have several students who does not speak swedish fluently. All the dance teachers speak english very well and you can always ask us if you need more information about anthing sent to you in english. Down here we will try to sum up the most important things you need to know as a student at Step By Step-dansskola. For dates and more information in swedish click here. Contact us if you want to know more: stepbystepdansskola@gmail.com, 0762619383.
  • You can always show up at any of our dance classes and try them all at one time for free - anytime during the semester. Let us know if you don´t find the times and adresses for the classes.
  • Before every class, the doors will be open no sooner than 15 minutes ahead.
  • You can find our prices here.
  • What to bring for dance classes and dance shows: water bottle, your choice of dance shoes and comfortable cloths that are easy to move in.
  • Every semester we have two one-week-long holidays off from dance classes. Let us know if you don´t find the dates for them.
  • After every semester have ended we always have one large dance show that all students can attend if they want for free. We also have additional smaller dance shows that all students can attend if they want for free. Let us know if you don´t find the dates for them.
  • Every semester we arrange dance camps that all students can sign up for if they want to. Let us know if you want more information about the camps.
  • The most important thing during your time at Step By Step-dansskola is to have fun and to always feel safe. Let us know immediately if you want to ask something, anything is bothering you, doesn't feel right or if you just want us to know something.
Hope to see you soon!